The Healthcare Continuum


We’ve solved it. Caring for people while managing healthcare's inherent complexities. We call it the Healthcare Continuum.

Expert care has never been more convenient.

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Our Name Means Home, and Then Some

Billet Health is more than just a name. It represents a new way of doing healthcare. We aim to be the best, most trusted advocate for every patient. We are the supportive advocates guiding patients and their loved ones through the daunting process of the healthcare system.

Originally, Billet was a “home away from home” for our military. But today different industries have personalized the word and meaning. In architecture, billet is a type of solid steel used in construction to build a foundation and structure. In the court systems, it’s been used by judges and attorneys to represent their position, their purpose.

These literal meanings align with what and who we truly are — the comfort of home, the mission of serving a purpose greater than oneself, and building the foundation for the future of healthcare.

The Healthcare Continuum

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is complex and often difficult for patients and their families to navigate. It can be inefficient and different providers simply don’t talk to each other. As a privately held, non-profit organization, we have identified ways to remove these unnecessary barriers and solve these longstanding industry problems.

The Billet Healthcare Continuum describes how we attend to the patient from preventive care, through medical occurrence, rehabilitation, and maintenance. This coordinated effort to medical care means better outcomes for the patient.

Our Size is Our Strength

In a world where giant healthcare systems keep getting bigger, we have stayed true to our founding principles. We have carefully managed the size of our network and describe it as “right-sized” meaning we can provide extensive services while remaining nimble, competitive, and of course effective health care professionals.

This innovative approach may not be visible to all, but is immediately appreciated for its efficient care and lightened burdens.

Providers Make This Healthcare Ecosystem Work

Become part of a team of physicians, health care professionals and facilities and share in our commitment to build a stronger healthcare continuum for our patients, their families, and the community.

"Mom's care needs changed a lot, but everything always felt organized. That was such a relief."

- Carol Baxter, Gilbert, AZ

"My nurse has been caring, compassionate and terrific. He arrives everyday with a smile and warm greeting."

- William Hodges, Las Vegas, NV