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Skilled services provided in the comfort of your own home.

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Home Health Services

Billet Health is a full-service home health care agency that have dedicated, experienced staff who believe in working with our patients to maintain and improve their health. We work together to serve your entire family for all of your medical needs in all stages of life. Our staff believes in providing comprehensive health care services to our patients in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, such as your home.

The Home Health Team begins with you and is made of many healthcare professionals working together to provide you with the best care. Our staff works closely with you and your physician to develop a home based plan of care that takes into consideration your mental, physical and emotional status.

Billet Home Care Services provides a wide range of solutions personalized to help you heal and thrive in the comfort of your own house, contact us today for more information Globe Glendale Peoria Bullhead City Scottsdale AZ, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Los Angeles

Some of the Benefits With Billet

Skilled Nursing

Our Nurses work with you and your doctor to develop a plan to meet your healthcare needs. Nurses consider your physical, emotional, and mental state. They will assess your condition, monitor medications, administer treatments and teach you how to take care of yourself.

  • Skilled observation and assessment
  • Diabetic management
  • Wound care
  • Medication supervision
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Pain management
  • Respiratory treatments
  • Patient and family health teaching
  • Incontinence care

Home Health Aide

Our Certified Nursing Assistants help you with bathing, dressing, changing simple dressings, and exercises as you recover from surgery, illness or injury.

  • Total personal care
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping

Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapist help you become stronger, more flexible, and better able to move through treatment and exercise programs using adaptive equipment.

  • Assessment of rehabilitation needs
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Transfer and gait training
  • Patient and family teaching

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists help you increase your ability to perform daily living skills, such as dressing, cooking, eating and to take part in leisure and play activities by using adaptive equipment.

  • Activities of daily living training
  • Adaptive equipment training
  • Energy conservation technique
  • Modalities for decrease edema
  • Fine and gross motor activity

Speech Therapy

Speech Pathologists help you and your family with communication skills by treating language, speech, hearing and swallowing disorders.

  • Rehabilitation of speech
  • Language disorder treatment
  • Dysphagia treatment
  • Voice and articulation therapy

Medical Social

Our Medical Social Workers help you cope with the stress of illness and help you obtain community services and resources. They work with your physician and other of our home care team members to understand social and emotional factors related to your health condition.

  • Assessment of social and emotional factors
  • Counseling
  • Community resources planning

Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Daily vital monitoring
  • Coordination with PCP and Specialist
  • Reduces hospital and urgent care visits